• Corporate Finance
    Delivering Finance Solutions to help you grow
At DVK, we provide finance to organisations to help them realise their international expansion plans using our unrivalled industry knowledge and unique heritage.

With a proven track record in helping a number of clients achieve their international expansion plans, coupled with our own experience of building a multi million pound turnover global business, we are uniquely placed to help organisations find the right financial solution to support their business growth.

As well as specialist help from our dedicated professionals’ access to traditional corporate finance services such as private equity, venture capital and M&A funds, we can also help finance your supply chain transactions through structured trade and commodities finance.

With pressure from shareholders to minimise risk, more and more financial directors at PLCs are using trade and commodities financing techniques successfully. By effectively outsourcing supply chain debts to keep them off the balance sheet, savvy financial directors are mitigating the risks of delayed or non-payment. While also benefitting from the international trade expertise of companies such as DVK and removing the headache of managing complex multi-lingual import and export processes directly.