• DVK for SME
    We understand your passion and the journey - our bespoke offerings will certainly match

In a nutshell, through our network of business partners, we provide trade finance to small and medium sized businesses that need to fund their international activities while maintaining a healthy cash flow.

As a family business which has been built from grass roots upwards, we understand how daunting trading on an international level and finding the right financial support can be. By combining our comprehensive business and financial services expertise when it comes to the global supply chain, we aim to simplify the process for our clients.

With bank financing increasingly hard to access, many small to medium sized businesses are now turning to alternative forms of finance to fund their international operations.  As our business has grown over the years, we have successfully used a number of types of alternative finance to fund our own operations and we are passionate in helping other businesses to do the same.

By working with DVK and our network of international offices, our clients also benefit from our first-hand expertise in navigating the diversity of languages, currencies, customs and duty practices and regulations which are at play in the international arena.