• Guiding Principles
    With belief in continuous improvement, we aim to deliver success with integrity.

DVK Group Philosophy

Regarding regulation and ethical standards, DVK is stringent. The group does not finance any transactions involving meat, alcohol or tobacco. DVK is a stakeholder in an established regulated business based in the City of London, City Equities Limited; it is therefore, able to leverage the regulated permissions of City Equities Limited through an appointed representative. DVK has a professional specialist compliance team to manage the requirements of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Positive thinking, self belief and faith in the DVK vision are key to the brand’s outlook.

The DVK brand logo symbolizes the group’s philosophy. The letters are designed to symbolically resemble boomerangs, to signal that what you give out always comes back to you. The letters look like the sails of a ship, blowing against the wind. The V is shaped like an anchor, thrown at high tide, demonstrating the DVK ability to stay still and maintain stability; a solution-orientated business. Lastly, there is a Nike-style tick incorporated into the design, for a “Let’s do it!” approach.